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Interviews For Silence:

In mid 1990, 4 guys, Dave, Bob, Bill and Larry formed what was to later be one of the most innovative acts to come out of Colorado.  Denver's Silence, with a CD release and several years of live performances behind them, have won the hearts of fans everywhere.  They have an extremely marketable sound that has found its way into the hands of DJ's throughout the front range.  2 singles, "Shanna", and "Chance of a Lifetime", have received massive radio play on stations such as KILO 94.3 (Colorado Springs), KAZY 106.7 (Denver).  Their sound has even traveled as far as Chicago.

Their CD release, "Sound of the Rain", has gained an amazing amount of popularity, lines of people at shows trying to get a copy. "It's being distributed to over 40 record stores," Bob is quoted as saying, "Nationwide."

silence magazine cover

So how did Silence get where they are now?  There are a number of things that could gain a band the appeal that Silence has.  The music is there, without a doubt.  There's a commercial side to what is written, not intentionally, but it appeals to the many that venture out to see them live night after night.  The band has charisma as a whole.  As individuals, you probably wont find a nicer group of people.  They have dropped everything to help fellow bands in need, (amps blow up, keys get lost, etc.) and they respect all.  This may be what has pushed them into the slot they're in, and will probably be what will nudge them to the top.

Silence's next isn't slated to be out until next summer. following a fall tour that's scheduled to cover Nevada, California and New Mexico, just to name a few.   Reaching fans doesn't seem to be a problem for these guys, their live show is something that can't be explained in words.  Their all energetic, obviously giving 110% to those who have gone out to see them.  The show is exciting. and one gets the impression after seeing more than one, that is different every time.  All 4 musicians work well live, as an integrated unit.  The fact that they have know each other for years becomes apparent on stage.  The music even comes across as a group effort despite their diverse influences, ranging from hardcore thrash to Barry Manilow.  If that isn't enough reason to rush out and catch a show, read this article again, you can't ask more from a band.

All recordings are in Real Audio Format

1-   KAZY
   (Interview) 11:26 mins.
Aired- October, 1993.

2-  KAZY 1:12 mins.
     Aired- March, 1994.

3-  KCTL 1:13 mins.
     Aired- March, 1994.

4-  KFOX 1:04 mins.
     Aired- April, 1994.

5-  KBPI 1:03 mins.
     Aired- May, 1994.

6-  KILO 1:00 min.
     Aired- May, 1994.

  KVUU 1:00 min.
     Aired- June, 1994.

8-   Z-92
  :52 secs.
    Part 1
Aired- March, 1995.

9-  KILO 1:59 mins.
     Aired- June, 1994.

10-  KILO 22:28 Mins.
  (Rock Tonight Radio Show)
     Part 1 - 7:00 +/- mins.
     Part 2 - 7:00 +/-mins.
     Part 3 - 8:00+/- mins.

       Aired- June, 1994.

11- LasVegasComp.Radio
       Aired- July, 1994.

12-  KWGN 28 secs.
       Aired- August, 1994.

13-  Iliff Park Saloon
   1:02 mins.
       Aired- August, 1994.

-More from Silence-
Recorded 'LIVE' for
"Shenna Metal's Freaking Rock Review"
Title's are the complete songs, so it may take some time to download.
For your convenience they are cut into smaller uploads.
You must download all sets in order to hear all of the recording.


1-   KIEV Interview 1:19 mins.
    Part 1

2-   Sound of the Rain 4:50 mins.
    Part 1

3-   Walk Away 8:40 mins.
    Part 1
    Part 2

4-   Workin' For the Man
    9:03 mins.
    Part 1
    Part 2
5- Waiting to Happen 10:01 mins.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

6-  Tears
13:45 mins.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

The Pain 8:04 mins.
     Part 1
     Part 2

8-  Shanna
4:37 mins.
   Part 1

Various other sample CD's, for your listening pleasure.

signme_cover.gif 'Shanna'
Demo= 1001 Kilobytes
5.5 Min. Download




Demo= 592 Kilobytes
4.5 Min. Download

'Sound of the Rain'
Demo= 400 Kilobytes
4 Min. Download



'Chance Of A Lifetime'
4 Min. Download



'Sign Of A Time'
Demo= 600
5 Min. Download


'Sad Eyes'
Demo= 713
6 Min. Download



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