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James Becker:

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Grace State Of Mind  

Falling For Me

Fair Warning

Wishing You Were Here

On Common Ground

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Jim Becker, Rob Case and Amy Grant.

Jim Becker, Rob Case and Vince Gill.

Music Connection
March 12-25 Edition, 2001

Becker is a singer/songwriter who puts his cards on the table with this clean, mellow five-song effort.  "Grace State of Mind" reminds us of John Denver (is it a coincidence Becker is from Colorado?) in it's honesty, sensitivity and melody.  The relationship ballad, "Falling For Me," showcases this performer's plaintive vocal sincerity and assured guitar work.  By and large, however, the lyrics are a bit too soft, not quite so resonant as the artists he evokes, including Jim Croce.  Still, there is an audience for Becker's mature music and he shows promise.

The Album Network
February 9, 2001 - Issue 1129

Fair Warning

Reviewed on Page 65


Totally Adult CD Sampler
February 2001, Tune-up #50

Fair Warning


What You Should Know:

In his 17 years as a musician, James Becker has played in plenty of bands - some country, some pop, some rock.  That fact bears out in "Fair Warning," a bluesy/country stomp that lives and breathes on Becker's six-string prowess and voice that sounds like it was FedExed straight outta Nashville.  The title "Fair Warning" was on the companion sampler seen to the right.

Totally Adult CD Cover, December 2000

Totally Adult CD Sampler
December 2000, Tune-up #49

Grace State Of Mind  

Produced By: James Becker and Steve Avedis

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