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Kathy Watson is most known for her musical diversity.  Having studied music for over 20 years she holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in operatic performance.  Her song writing and interpretive style are heavily influenced by her background in musical theater, gospel, opera, and pop music.  She has most recently been seen as a soloist at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. as well as at the MBSTIA music industry showcase, the Cutting Edge music industry showcase and the POPKOMM stage in Cologne, Germany and have most recently received air play on the Armed Forces Radio Network, Europe..  Miss Watson has worked with Robert Case and New Pants Publishing since 1998 where they have released two albums, "Kathy Watson" and "Romancin' the Blues".  Both albums have earned placing on the 42nd Grammy Entry List in 2000 1) General Field , Category 4 , Best New Artist Listing #507, 2) General Field , Category 2 , Album Of the Year Listing #851 3) Field 1 - Pop , Category 11 , Best Pop Album Listing #190 and the 44th Grammy Entry List in 2002 1)Category 2 - Album of the Year Listing #526 2) Category 12 - Best Pop Vocal Listing #154  Her CDs are available on line at www.CDBaby.com and www.cdstreet.com.    

From Ute Pass Courier-May 23, 2001
Kathy Watson to perform Saturday
by Pat Hill, Courier Staff

Sitting in her office in Washington DC, Kathy Watson exudes enthusiasm. With the pending release of her second CD, a soaring career and a successful marriage, Watson's voice hints at her mood. "I'm doing great!" she said. On Saturday Woodland Park's songbird return to the nest to share the new release in a concert at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Titled "Romancin' the Blues" the all-acoustic recording is a mixture of Watson's original songs as well as a potpourri of jazz, gospel and musical theater. Watson, a 1992 graduate of Woodland Park High School, leads a multi-faceted life, one that reflects her natural exuberance, the well-springs of her artistry. With a Grammy entry list nomination behind her and several projects coming up, Watson's star is on the rise. A semi-finalist in Ed McMahon's "The Next Big Star" search, Watson's name also appears in the June 16 issue of Billboard magazine. With the release this fall of a third CD, this one full of classical music written during her time as a graduate student, Watson credits her mentor and musical publisher, Robert Case, of the New Pants label, for her continued success. "It's so much fun to be able to do these things. I've been given so much flexibility by Rob," she said. "Truly, I'm so lucky." A collaborative effort among a variety of distribution companies and NewPants.com shines another spotlight on Watson's music. "So my hands are full right now," she said. Watson and her husband, Jeff, plan to be in the DC are for at least four years while he attends medical school at Georgetown. In the meantime, she continues to work as a quality assurance inspector for Logicon, which arranged transfer for a singer on the move. "Remember, it's just a plane ride away so it's simple to get back, to go where we need to go," she said, referring to her association with the New Pants label. Watson will appear at p.m. on Saturday, May 26 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center near the intersection of Dale and Cascade streets. The concert is free and open to the public. For more information call Robert Case at New Pants Records, (719) 632-0227

Peak View Newspaper Article
Dec. 6-12, 2000
By Pat Hill
(Courier staff)

"Watson scores on Grammy entry list".

Kathy Watson has rhythm - toe-stomping, finger-snapping rhythm. Indeed, her first CD has just been nominated for the Grammy entry list in three categories, Best Pop Album, Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

Watson, a 1992 graduate of Woodland Park High School, is scheduled to appear in Woodland Park from 2:15 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec 10 at the Littlestar Lodge during the Holiday Home Tour.

Reached at her home in Colorado Springs, Watson offered an update on the past year and a half, a time filled with academia, studio recordings and that delicious feeling of success.

Watson is effusive about the nomination and life in general. “We’ve gotten great response from the album,” she said.

Highlighted in three national trade music magazines, Watson, whose CD titled “Kathy Watson,” was interviewed on several Colorado television and radio stations. In September she was invited to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans.

In addition to her recording success, she recently earned a master’s degree in music from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

Watson’s latest venture, a CD to be released in January, combines classical music and jazz.

“That project came about out of my long history of singing classical music and my love affair with that genre,” Watson said. “My roots are really in gospel music and musical theater and jazz, so we combined the two.”

Watson, raised in Woodland Park, describes herself as a product of Morton Dickson’s music program at the high school.

“I also worked closely with the late Marta Dickson in solo and ensemble competitions, and in the musical theater program every year,” she said.

Watson attributes her professional achievement to Robert Case, owner of New pants Publishing in Colorado Springs.

“Rob gave me my first break,” Watson said. “He has created all these opportunities for me. It was pure luck that he opened my demo package.”

In an industry tough to break into, Watson credits Case for his vision and flexibility.

“Rob has a firm belief in artist development, which is something the record industry is missing today,” she said. “From being a young and brand new songwriter, he’s given me the opportunities I need to become better and grow in my craft.”

Watson wrote all but one of the songs on the CD which is available online at www.newpants.com and at Media Play.

When she isn’t recording or writing songs, she and her husband, Jeff, direct and organize the Air Force Academy Chamber Ensemble. She also performs in area churches and can be contacted through New Pants Publishing at 632-0227.

"WPHS graduate cuts first CD".

Cripple Creek/Woodland Park News
Aug. 12, 1999
By Pat Hill
(Courier staff)

Homecoming for Kathy Watson means sharing her music and introducing her first CD to the public.  In a free concert in Colorado Springs on Friday, Aug 13, Watson  offers a sneak preview of the work titled "Kathy Watson."

A 1992 graduate of Woodland Park High School, Watson is a prot�g� of the schools district's music programs. " I started out in 6th grade Brian Leatherman's music class," Watson said in a telephone conversation from Urbana-Champaign, where she attends the University of Illinois.  In high school Watson studied under  Lucinda Reed, art director for the school musicals, and Marta and Morton Dickson, musical directors.  She was a Madrigal singer and one of Ladies Ensemble.  After High Watson earned a degree in vocal performance from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently enrolled in a master's degree program in music.

Last year Watson signed a contract with New Pants Publishing in Colorado Springs.   The CD became available to the public on Aug.16th, 1999.  It is currently available at Media Play as well as the publishing office located at 102 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Suite 200.

"The music is original except for  one tune I've remade," Watson said.   Influenced by the lyrics of Sarah McLachlan and the vocal quality of Celine Dion, Watson's tunes are a combination of the two, she said.  "My subjects are drawn from people in my life and their experiences," she said.  "My songs are about relationships, love, loss and overcoming struggle." 

Now that the album is about to be released, Watson is feeling a variety of emotions.   "This is something that I've worked very hard for," she said.   "I was very fortunate to have had Rob Case and the people at New Pants Publishing.  They have supported me and given me opportunities to record."

Watson's parents, Eileen and Richard Conway, live in Woodland Park, Co.  Her brother Brian, 30, also a WPHS graduate, lives in Loveland.  "Woodland Park is still home to me." Watson said.

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