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Who is Kathy Watson?


Kathy Watson is most known for her musical diversity.  Having studied music for over 20 years she holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in operatic performance.  Her song writing and interpretive style are heavily influenced by her background in musical theater, gospel, opera, and pop music.  She has most recently been seen as a soloist at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. as well as at the MBSTIA music industry showcase, the Cutting Edge music industry showcase and the POPKOMM stage in Cologne, Germany and have most recently received air play on the Armed Forces Radio Network, Europe..  Miss Watson has worked with Robert Case and New Pants Publishing since 1998 where they have released two albums, "Kathy Watson" and "Romancin' the Blues".  Both albums have earned placing on the 42nd Grammy Entry List in 2000 1) General Field , Category 4 , Best New Artist Listing #507, 2) General Field , Category 2 , Album Of the Year Listing #851 3) Field 1 - Pop , Category 11 , Best Pop Album Listing #190 and the 44th Grammy Entry List in 2002 1)Category 2 - Album of the Year Listing #526 2) Category 12 - Best Pop Vocal Listing #154  Her CDs are available on line at www.CDBaby.com.


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