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Local co-ed softball teams wins city championship.

On Aug 14th, 2000 at Pueblo City Park local co-ed Softball team
www.newpants.com, managed by Susanne Montoya won the summer Pueblo Park and Recreational Competitive City Championship with a 11-3 record.

Also, the team recently traveled and competed in the National Triple Crown co-ed
Softball Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Team Sponsor Robert Case President of New Pants Publishing, Inc. plans
to have the team compete nationally in co-ed Softball Tournaments in
California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona next summer.

2000 Summer Pueblo Co-Ed Softball team Roster is:

Pitcher-  Jess Barger
Catcher-  Anna Martinez
1st. Base-  Susanne Montoya
2nd. Base-  Phyllis Gonzales
Shortstop-  E.J. Gomez
3rd. Base-  Frank (F.A.) Martinez
Left Field-  Jess Thimmes
Right Field-  Jenny Castellucci
Right field-  Tina Cordova
Center Field-  Sherry Ruffi
Center Field-  Patrick Gonzales

Team Manager-  Susanne Montoya
Assistant Manager-  Frank Tolmich

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